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  •  SBA 8(a) Certified

  •  GSA – Approved to move FEMA       freight

  •  Department of Defense (DoD) –   Approved to move military freight

  •  CAGE Code – 5VZS1

  •  D & B – #833270833

  •  SIC Code – 4731 - Freight   Transportation Arrangement

  •  Carrier Authority: MC #263097 /   USDOT #522173 SCAC Code – HTYC

  •  Broker Authority: MC #696019 /   USDOT #2245602 SCAC Code – HTYB

  •  UNSPSC:

        78101801 – Local Area Trucking   Services
  78101802 – Regional or national     trucking services
  78141500 – Transport Arranging Services
  24101514 – Platform Truck
  25101611 – Cargo Trucks
  25101917 – Flatbed Truck
  25181702 – Flatbed Trailers 25181707 –     Automobile Carrier Trailers
  25181708 - Trailer Hitches

  484110 – General Freight Trucking Local
  484122 – General Freight Trucking Long    Distance
  484220 – Specialized Freight (except     Used Goods) Trucking Local
  484230 – Specialized Freight (except   Used Goods) Trucking Long Distance
  488510 – Freight Transportation     Arrangement

  CAGE Code: 5VZS1
  D & B: 833270833
  SIC Code: 4731 - Freight Transportation     Arrangement 


  •  Department of General Services (DGS) – Small Business & SEED Certification – #1296540 (Micro)

  • Caltrans Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) – #38523

  • City of Sacramento Vendor ID – #262875

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

About the Company

Henderson Trucking, LLC (HTLLC) provides freight transportation arrangement services for local, state, and federal governments as well as commercial and private clients. As a Minority Owned Small Business with SBA 8(a), HTLLC is committed to excellence and exceeding customer expectations. Mission: To consistently provide excellent, efficient, credible, and dependable customer service. Vision: To establish Henderson Trucking, LLC as the pre-eminent Freight Transportation Arrangement service in California.

Core Values:

  • Service Excellence – Strive to exceed customer expectations

  • Efficiency – Provide the best solution

  • Dependability – Be responsible, reliable and trustworthy

  • Credibility – Act in honesty without jeopardizing the truth

Operating Authority and Compliance with the Law:
Henderson Trucking, LLC represents and warrants that it is a motor carrier and broker licensed to arrange for the transportation of property by the following authorities:

  • License #263097 Carrier Authority 

  • License #696019 Broker Authority

  • The company further represents that it holds an effective surety bond as stipulated by law.

Truck Driving by Lake

Our Story

The Founder and CEO of Henderson Trucking, LLC, Edward Henderson, has a genuine passion for the trucking industry. With over 40 years of combined experience as a commercial driver, Owner Operator, Motor Coach Operator (with Continental Trailways), and Broker, he understands the importance of the trucking and transportation industry in the U.S. economy. As such, he tells everyone, “If it’s in your house, it was probably delivered by a trucker.” In 1990, Edward Henderson formed Henderson Trucking as an Owner Operator. As the business expanded, he added the Load Finder Service in 2007 to help other Owner Operators capitalize on his many years of experience. He also obtained his authority as a Master Broker® in 2009 and established Henderson Trucking, LLC in 2009. He provides services to 48 states. 

Our Clients

"Both Edward and Rhonda were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Henderson Trucking services to anyone.”                           FELICIA JIMENEZ, ICON Venue Group

"I've used Henderson Trucking, LLC Load Finding Service since 2007 and have found the services to be very helpful. Additionally, Henderson Trucking, LLC. Load Finding Service assists me with running mileage/rate reports, dead zone support and provides a lot of other beneficial load information while on the road. The staff at Henderson Trucking, LLC know where I am picking up and they help get me to where I’m going. Henderson Trucking, LLC. Load Finding Service has increased our company's revenue by adding volume to the number of loads per day/week. I plan to continue to work with Henderson Trucking, LLC for a very long time."


G. Ennis Trucking

“Henderson Trucking, LLC Load Finding Service is great! I’ve used their services for about 4 years. I can’t complain at all. They always ask me what kind of load and rate I want and they give me what I ask for. They know what they are doing. I have close to 30 trucks and whenever one of my trucks gets stuck out somewhere, they get us out of there.”


Guzman Express Inc.

“Henderson Trucking, LLC Load Finding Service always provides good service. They keep us moving… They prepare all the necessary paperwork, find work while we're rolling so we don’t have to stop to look for loads. Henderson Trucking, LLC Load Finding Service significantly reduces our down time! Henderson Trucking, LLC is a good company with great services.” 



Beaumont Trucking Inc.

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."
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